Top New Annuals for 2015


Amazing New Annuals for 2015
Everything’s coming up annuals in 2015. We found 50 new annuals hitting the market this year we just had to share with you.

Top New Annuals for 2015
Caladium ‘Artful Heartfire’
Give your porch or patio a tropical makeover with ‘Artful Heartfire’ caladium. Its large red-and-green leaves make a bold statement in beds or containers. Sun- and shade-tolerant, ‘Artful Heartfire’ also works well as an indoor houseplant.
Name: Caladium ‘Artful Heartfire’
Growing Conditions: sun or shade
Size: 15-20 inches tall, 10-14 inches wide
Grow it with: begonia
Image: Proven Winners
Coleus ‘Seaweed’

One of the newest members of the Under the Sea collection, ‘Seaweed’ has finely divided chartreuse-and-black foliage that looks like something you’d see on a underwater trip in the Caribbean. It’s a great plant for mixed containers.
Name: Coleus ‘Under the Sea’
Growing Conditions: shade, partial sun
Size: 15-20 inches tall and wide
Grow it with: other coleus
Image: Hort Couture

Euphorbia ‘Glitz’
Endless clouds of small, pretty white flowers cover ‘Glitz’ euphorbia all summer long. It makes a great filler plant in mixed containers, hanging baskets, or en masse along a garden path. ‘Glitz’ euphorbia is an easy-care sun worshipper that tolerates heat and drought.
Name: Euphorbia graminea ‘Glitz’
Growing Conditions: full sun
Size: 10-14 inches tall, 12-18 inches wide
Grow it with: geranium
Image: Ball

The huge, dinner-plate-size blooms of ‘Nick Senior’ dahlia provide a welcome blast of color in the late summer border. Its vibrant red blooms with white-tip petals also make terrific cut flowers for indoor bouquets. ‘Nick Senior’ is a tall dahlia and requires staking in windy locations.
Name: Dahlia ‘Nick Senior’
Growing Conditions: full sun
Size: 3-4 feet tall and wide
crow it with: cannas

image: Longfield Gardens

Gomphrena ‘Pink Zazzle’
We stopped in our tracks the first time we saw ‘Pink Zazzle’ gomphrena. Its big, bright, petal-packed blooms explode with color all summer long. The flowers are also highly attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. ‘Pink Zazzle’ forms a compact mound that excels in beds, borders, or containers.
Name: Gomphrena ‘Pink Zazzle’
Growing Conditions: full sun, partial sun
Size: 8-16 inches tall and wide
Plant it with: dusty miller
Image: Proven Winners

Caladium ‘Red Bellied Tree Frog’
We’d grow this new caladium for the name alone! ‘Red Bellied Tree Frog’ is a tropical, sun-tolerant variety that shoots up large, red, heart-shape foliage with dark green edges. Like the tree frog it’s named for, the leaves have a reflective sheen that makes the colors even more vivid.
Name: Caladium ‘Red Bellied Tree Frog’
Growing Conditions: partial sun
Size: 12-24 inches tall and wide
Plant it with: ornamental sweet potato

Over the past few years some gardeners have had to avoid planting impatiens due to a downy mildew outbreak across the country. But now that’s changed thanks to Bounce ‘Pink Flame’ impatiens. A 2015 All-America Selections award winner, Bounce ‘Pink Flame’ has larger flowers than standard impatiens and thrives in sun or shade. And, if wilt does occur, the plants bounce back quickly. It joins other newcomers to the Bounce family: ‘Violet’, ‘Cherry,’ and ‘White.’
Name: Impatiens Bounce ‘Pink Flame’
Growing Conditions: full sun, partial shade
Size: 20-30 inches tall, 20-36 inches wide
Plant it with: other Bounce colors
Image: Ball
Cuphea ‘Vermillionaire’


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