The benefits of mushrooms and the factors that must be met for the cultivation


The mushroom or mushrooms from the very lucrative agricultural projects and enthuse young people to access them due to the ease and ease the Mushrooms cultivation with low cost compared with other projects, there are 5,000 species of mushrooms, including 1,200 Negotiable eat and commercial species only are ten types fall under three races (Algaricon – shellfish – Chinese), which is one of the more high-value food.

Benefits of Mushrooms

Where mushroom or mushroom consists of the following elements:

– Fat: It is a key source of energy in the body contains the Mushrooms to unsaturated fatty acids and is not harmful to the body and do not work on the increase of cholesterol in the blood, such as meat.
– Protein: It is necessary for the growth of tissue in the body and works to compensate for the damaged than those tissues and is essential for the growth of children and to maintain the health of adults.
– Mushrooms contain mineral salts: intervention in the installation of objects, and the organization of biological processes such as salts of magnesium, iron and potassium.
– Mushrooms contain fiber: fiber found in mushrooms is not a non-digestible fiber compared to other plants.
– Mushrooms contain carbohydrates: that the body needs a constant source of energy for the physiological functions to the fullest.


Factors that must be met for successful cultivation of mushrooms mushrooms:

– Cleaner production site:
It must be a place of agriculture completely clean, and the windows are clasped tight wire to prevent the entry of insects and should be cleaning up the place before planting or using Pfennig Alsalfon.

– Temperature, By Type:
Alojarikis: 18-22m not more than 25m
Alouestr: 15-28 even 30
Filovarella: (Alakeca or Chinese) 30-34m
Albulurts: there most of the year in Egypt

– Humidity:
Ranging from 85-90% and must not be less than 60% so as not to dry and not more than 90% so as not to rot. Ventilation: not needed in the first week but then must provide good ventilation, preferably in the use of special fruition hood.

– Light:
Must be faint or weak light in mushroom cultivation and should avoid direct sunlight so as not to impair the growth of fungus, it must be indirect light and can be used neon bulbs.

Factors that must be met for successful cultivation of mushrooms mushrooms



We will address next time the tools and materials that must be met in the cultivation of mushrooms.