The 13 Best Garden Tools For Slaying Zombies During The Apocalypse


Terrific … there’s just been a zombie apocalypse and you need weapons. The good news is, you’re smart. While everyone else is trying to gather up guns and ammo, you head to Home Depot or your backyard shed to go old fashioned on the zombie horde’s asses. Here’s the deal, ammo runs out, but garden tools, just like diamonds, are forever. Take a look at your best options.



As long as you have gas, you’ll be cuttin’ through zombies like butter. It’s loud and may draw them out, but damn if it isn’t fun.

Snow Blower

zombiesnowblower 2Who needs snow? This baby plows through zombies like … well … a snow-blower. Check out them blades!



zombieaxe 3It’s a classic, really. Good for splittin’ undead skulls.

Hand Rake

zombiehandrake 4Here’s an interesting choice. The hand-rake gets you three points of contact and one blow should take the zombie down fast.


zombiescythe 5An updated version of a tool that’s been around forever. Good for lopping off heads and piercing skulls.


Hedge Trimmer

zombiehedge 6Not a good first choice but if you have electricity and a long cord, it’ll make a zombie mess and trim your hedge.

Trim Shears

zombieshears 7These pointy bad boys take some finesse but will do the trick.


zombiemachete 8A very popular choice that will keep both the living and the dead at bay.



zombiepitchfork 9
A nice long stick to keep distance between you and the target. Nice choice.


zombienailgun 10(source)

As long as you have pneumatic cartridges, you will be nailin’ zombie skulls to the wall.


zombiehammer 11You’ve got to get in close, but the effect is still the same — dead zombie.


zombiehoe 12Anything with a long handle and sharp metal end is your friend.


zombielawnmower 13This is not very practical, but if you have crawlers, it should make easy work of them.
What will you use to survive the zombie apocalypse? Let me know in the comments below!