Mason Jar DIY Herb Garden

Mason Jar DIY Herb Garden

The weather in California has been absolutely beautiful this month. It’s made me anxious to get started on our backyard garden. We usually plant an assortment of summer vegetables and essentials that I use in our everyday meals. Since we’re in the middle of renovating our backyard, our garden will have to wait a little longer to be planted. However, I found a way to keep some of my favorite herbs planted indoors until then. This mason jar DIY herb garden is perfect for keeping fresh herbs growing right in the kitchen.

Mason-jar-DIY-herb-garden-Crafts-Unleashed-11Supplies needed to make your own DIY herb garden:


  • Pint Size Masons Jars.
  • Vintage Style Mason Jar Holder.
  • Plants/Herbs.
  • Soil.

There’s really not a big tutorial here, it’s as simple as potting soil and herbs in pint size mason jars. I used this mason jar holder to display the jars and easily move them if needed. Another great idea is to use this as a centerpiece with fresh flowers.

Mason-jar-DIY-herb-garden-Crafts-Unleashed-3I filled the jars halfway with soil then with the herbs.

Mason-jar-DIY-herb-garden-Crafts-Unleashed-4Now the biggest challenge will be keeping them alive. I tend to lack a green thumb with indoor plants, but I do love the way this DIY herb garden looks in my kitchen.

Mason-jar-DIY-herb-garden-Crafts-Unleashed-22I have my DIY herb garden sitting near a window that has great sunlight throughout the day. And if I can remember to water them regularly, I’ll hopefully have fresh herbs available right in my kitchen for awhile.

SOURCEMason Jar DIY Herb Garden