Birdhouse Post Design Ideas

Once you have a birdhouse or two or three, how do you best to hang them in your garden?  Both the bird’s needs and how they will look are important to a Flea Market Gardener.  See more than 20 examples!

It’s a great time to install birdhouses and one great way to do that is on a post, out of reach of predators..

Sandra Hogan painted these birdhouses, each a different pastel color

Sandra Hogan says, “My birdhouse is made from cedar with a glass doorknob and plate, topped off with a glass bottle stopper and metal roof. It’s perched on a vintage spindle from my overflowing stash of “stuff”. The birds love it!”  Sandra mounted her birdhouse on a turned porch post with two scrolled brackets and a small platform.

Sandra's very sweet bird abode

Sandra’s very sweet bird abode

Sandra also made a second birdhouse post,…a completely different style.


Rita Michalak offers many choices with her bird condo

How to mount a bird house on a post

Kirk Willis describes his new project, “This was one of my July Challenge projects…a simple one,…a birdhouse post.  I bought the post and birdhouse the other day while thrifting, using some left-over paint my wife had to chalk paint and distress the post.

A rose climbs the porch post Kirk Willis used to raise his bird house

Kirk also used a turned porch post to raise up the birdhouse in this stunning picture. He added rebar in the bottom of the post (see below) and put a coat of sealant on everything. He says, “Even the little piece of wood that I mounted the birdhouse on was a free find in a pile of free wood. The post was 49 cents.  Mr. Thrifty! A fun project!”  Kirk put a cork in the purely decorative birdhouse hole as the hole is so small, .no yellow jackets allowed inside!

Kirk drilled a hole in the bottom of the post, and inserted rebar that would go into the ground

Terresa Stoll's two tall birdhouse towers

Terresa Stoll’s two tall birdhouse towers

Terresa Stoll doubles the effort, setting up two similar birdhouses, each at a different level above a sea of pink crape myrtle.  She says, “These bird houses have a sign that says ‘Gardeners know the best dirt!’ that I found at garage sales.  The old wheel was found at an auction. Love my rust and junk.”


Places to install a birdhouse pole:
  • In the center of a flower bed
  • Intersection of two paths
  • In place of a fence post
  • At the corner of the house
  • In front of an evergreen shrub
  • Within a raised bed
  • On either side of an entrance gate
  • As a ‘distance’ focal point at the back of the garden

Kirk's woodsy birdhouse pole


Kirk's birdhouse greeters


Kelly Dickinson‎ vintage birdhouse


Linda Bota's birdhouse


Myra Glandon's mossy green birdhouse

Myra Glandon says, “Here is a birdhouse I made about fifteen years ago that has lost its steeple and some of its thread spool trim, but is weathering well”  Myra used a single board as a platform for the house, attached to the post with a galvanized deck bracket.