Ingenious Tunnel System For Chickens To Do The Gardening




It is amazing the amount of work that a group of chickens can do tilling, fertilizing, and weeding a plot of the garden while providing pest control in the process. From processing weeds and food scraps into eggs and fertilizer, to replacing the need for human and/or mechanized labor in tilling, this really is yet another example of farming with animals the right way.You can incorporate your chickens into your garden using wire tunnels, portable pens and uniformly sized permanent beds.

Another benefit of chicken tunnels and portable pens is that they help to keep predators away from the harming the chickens while they are working for free.

Watch the video to learn how an Australian permaculturist has designed an intricate system of “chicken tunnels” that let him funnel his ladies into any part of his garden for tilling, fertilizing, and weeding. Pretty ingenious if you ask me.