How To Make a Small Fountain from Clay Pots


Happy Weekend everyone! This DIY Saturday Series features great tutorials that I’ve found on the web that I think you would find useful! This weeks featured project is a DIY Small Tabletop Fountain made from clay pots. You could use this fountain indoors or outdoors on your balcony or patio. It’s the perfect small fountain for so many spaces and easy to customize!

How To Make a Small Fountain from Clay Pots.

DIY Small Fountain made from clay pots |DIY Saturday Featured Project

What a great project to make to add the soothing sound of running water to your balcony or patio!

Although the instructions are for clay saucers and pots, I’m wondering if plastic ones would work?


14″, 7″, & 6″ clay saucer
3 – 4″ clay saucers
clay flower pots
fountain pump & tubing
silicone sealer
drill with a masonry bit
small trailing plant (optional)


1. Prepare the Terra Cotta by spraying the interior of 14 in. saucer with clear sealer. Let dry and then repeat. Soak the remaining pots and saucers in water for an hour to make drilling and filling easier

2. See the rest of the instructions on this easy to follow video at Menard’s How To Make a Small Fountain. There is a link to download a pdf with written instructions on bottom of the video

I hope you enjoy making and using this fun DIY Small F