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How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Mobile Christmas trees are the easiest way to bring holiday flair to any room in the house. Learn how to turn wooden crates, galvanized tubs or children’s baby doll buggies into beautiful vessels for your Christmas tree.

Materials Needed:
  • galvanized metal wash tub, wooden crate or children’s baby doll buggy
  • casters or vintage wheels (if not using a buggy)
  • 2 strips of 1×2 pine lumber
  • drill
  • metal screws or wood screws
  • 5-foot-tall artificial Christmas tree
  • bag of sand, bag of pebbles or freestanding bricks
  • blanket or tree skirt
  • spray lubricant
Choose Vessel

The most important step in the project is deciding on the proper vessel for your mobile tree. Though galvanized metal washtubs are the most readily available, children’s baby doll buggies add charm and vintage flair. These can be found at toy stores or online through vintage retailers.

Vintage Baby Buggy Used for Mobile Tree Base
Reinforce the Bottom

In order to securely add wheels to your vessel, it’s important to reinforce the bottom. Pick up two 18-inch strips of 1X2 pine lumber from a home improvement store. Next, attach both pieces inside the bottom of your vessel using a drill and metal or wood screws.

Pine Lumber Strips in Metal Tub to Secure Wheels
Attach Casters or Buggy Base

Use the reverse setting of the drill to reverse the metal or wood screws from the 1X2 pine. Next, line up the buggy base with the bottom of the vessel. Using your drill, screw through the hole in the buggy base, then up through the pre-drilled hole in the 1X2 pine.

Mobile Base Attaches to Metal Wash Tub
Add Weight

It’s important to add weight inside the vessel to ensure the artificial tree does not tip over when in use. To do this, place a bag of sand, pebbles or freestanding bricks centered inside.

Bag of Sand Inside Galvanized Metal Wash Tub
Place Tree in Vessel

Once the vessel is properly weighted down, place the Christmas tree base or stand inside carefully. Tip: It’s best to keep the base or stand extra snug inside the vessel by keeping the base or stand up against the vessel’s interior. This will help the tree stand upright.

Tree in Metal Wash Bucket on Wheels
Adjust Branches

With the tree securely fit inside the vessel, adjust and properly shape the branches.

Green Tree Sits in Galvanized Metal Base With Wheels
Lubricate Wheels or Casters

Use spray lubricant to properly lubricate buggy wheels or casters.

Lubricate Vintage Buggy Wheels
Dress the Vessel

Conceal the base and the weighting materials with a tree skirt or a throw blanket. Once properly dressed, take the mobile tree for a test drive by moving it back and forth through different areas of the house.

Accessorize Mobile Vessel With Throw
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