Best Way To Grow Cilantro


I have been a gardener my entire life. I finally found the best way to grow cilantro. I love my little garden in my yard each summer. I don’t know that it really makes a huge difference to our families budget or health, but it is a fun hobby and we all enjoy the food that we do get.

One of the challenges I have always had was growing cilantro. Whenever the ground started to heat up, the plants would shoot and go right to seed. I have never been able to get it to produce good leaves for any amount of time.



I have read that the plants react to temperature. I don’t know if that is necessarily true or not, but I know the problem I experienced was a common one. Almost everybody I speak to battles with this.

I finally found a solution. I have an aeroponic Tower Garden. It operates on very little water and very little power in a small space but produces a lot of herbs and salads for me. I call this the best way to grow cilantro because it is the only way I have ever consistently produced the favorable leaves and they are to die for when growing in the Tower Garden. Everything in the garden is very gentle and flavorful and there is no bitter taste like when you when plants are stressed out in your garden.

I just had to take pictures of the cilantro that was produced. I have a couple of plants and we harvest them regularly. In fact, you may have seen some of the cilantro in myChicken Curry Soup recipe.

growing cilantro

Even when it isn’t under the grow lights, this cilantro looks great!


What is hard to get with this images is the scale. These are some of the biggest leaves of cilantro I have ever grown too. Keep in mind I have big hands too.


I also wanted to show you a picture of one one of the plants we had almost completely harvested. Within a few days, you could see these bunches of stems already starting to come up.

IMG_6310web copy


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