A Cute Keepsake Gardening Craft


1. Select a glazed ceramic, plastic, or metal planter with smooth, straight sides.
2. Print a family member’s photo, enlarged so that the head is roughly the height of your pot. Cut out the head, then trim across the top of the forehead, as shown.
3. Cut a piece of clear Con-Tact paper to be a few inches taller than the pot and wide enough to encircle it. Peel off the backing.3
4. Center the head, facedown, on the top edge of the paper.
5. Wrap the Con-Tact paper around the pot, smoothing any bubbles as you go. Trim the edges with scissors or a craft knife (an adult’s job).
6. Add a plant that makes a hilarious hairdo.

Crafter’s Tip: If you can’t find the perfect planter, use a decorative pail or vase, then nest a potted plant inside.


SOURCEA Cute Keepsake Gardening Craft