5 Winter Gardening Tips You Should Know


If you’ve really got a green thumb, then you may be looking for ways to garden even in the winter. While the cold weather can deter some people and plants, there are still ways to garden in the winter. Here are a few tips and tricks to facilitate the process so that you can spend more time in your garden.


Whatever you do, don’t stop watering your plants. They may slow down because of the cold, but they still need water! Keep them hydrated enough to stay alive without giving them excess water that will freeze and destroy the roots.


Burlap Screens

Burlap screens are a great investment if you want to take winter gardening seriously. They mainly provide protection from harsh winds that can bend or destroy young plants. The screens can also protect them from snowfall if you want them to.



In the winter, neighborhood animals will be looking for an extra source of food. Protect your garden from becoming a cat or dog’s next meal by building a fence around it. Make sure there’s no room for animals to squeeze through and eat up your plants!



Mulch will help your plants stay warm and insulated, especially if they’re in the ground and not in pots. Spread the mulch around the stems and replenish as necessary.


Cutting Back Perennials

You’ll need to make sure your perennials are all cut back in order for them to blossom correctly and healthily when spring rolls around. Simply cut off any large or extended pieces so that the plant is as flush with the ground as possible. This will help it avoid being eaten or frozen during winter.