5 Ways to Grow an Herb Garden in the Kitchen


Fresh herbs are great to have on hand in the kitchen. Below are a few ways that you can grow herbs in your home. Be sure to do your research on how each herb that you would like to grow likes to be planted, watered and how much sunlight it likes. Many herbs can be planted in the same container together and flourish well.


:: Herb Garden Box

Any planter will do for this type of herb garden. Grow a variety of herbs by planting them in a large garden box or planter in the house. Be sure that it has proper drainage for the water or the plants will drown.

:: Mason Jars

Mason jars are another great way to grow herbs! Baby food jars work well for getting the seeds started, and larger jars work the best for growing herbs. Each can have its own plant and they are super easy to move around. You shouldn’t have any issues with drainage as you can see exactly how much water you are putting in and how much is reaching the bottom. You may if you wish, drill holes in the bottom of the mason jars, but be sure to do this properly or you will have shattered jars.

Here is a super cute DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden from One Good Thing by Jillee


:: Old Over-the-Door Shoe Storage

You can use an over the door shoe storage organizer to grow herbs both indoors and outdoors. (You can find these at any store that sells home goods and organizing items.) Just place dirt in the pockets, and plant seeds in each. If outside you can poke holes in the plastic to allow drainage. If inside, be sure to use a clear shoe organizer so that you can see how much water is being added.

Here is a how to from Instructables

:: Egg shells, Then Plant

Use egg shells to plant herbs. Once they are growing nicely, place them in a more sturdy structure with soil. You can plant the entire egg shell as it is biodegradable and works as a good fertilizer for new plants.

Here is a great tutorial from Mother Earth Living

:: Old Gutters Secured to a Board

You can secure old gutters to a wooden board that can hang on the wall. You will want to place this in a sunny area and be very careful watering as there is no drainage or be sure to line it with plastic before dirt to be sure no water leaks out. Drainage could be made in a number of ways however it is best to simply not over water this variety of indoor herb garden.

This can apply to indoor or outdoor, adjustments would need to be made to create shorter herb gardens and proper protection against drainage. See an example at Family Sponge.

As for me…I don’t do anything too fancy -5 just put them in pots or a mason jar on a windowsill or counter. The ones in the picture above are from IKEA.