3 Steps Grow Kiwi


Kiwi fruit  is originally from China and is also known as Chinese gooseberry. It is both edible and ornamental and grows as a vine that is vigorous and strong. If you are keen on growing it at home, be sure to have supporting space. Here are some tips for growing it in your garden . Fresh kiwis will store well in the refrigerator, for up to 5 weeks. If you keep them in a plastic bag with a moist bit of paper towel, they can last 3 months or longer.

how to garw kiwi -- gardening-diy

step 1

Erect a strong support about 2 meters (6.6 ft) high. This will also need to have some good width, to support the spread of the vine and its weight with fruit.

step 2

Plant in full sun in rich soil that is well-drained. Kiwifruit do not like having dry feet, so be sure to keep well watered during the warmer months . Protect kiwifruit plants from strong winds and frost. Provide a sheltered area if this is a problem.

step 3

Prune the male plant after it flowers in late spring. Prune the female plant in winter. The fruit arises from new growth; therefore, it is important to prune back any old wood that has already borne fruit.


You will likely start to get some fruit from your kiwi vines after 3 years, and a full harvest after around 6 years. The Arctic varieties can even start to fruit after just one season. If your vines are healthy, you can get more than 50 pounds of fruit each year. Once your plants are established, they can keep producing kiwis for up to 50 years.

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