3 most important tips for beginners in the field of gardening


Choose a good location for agriculture garden gardeningTips-For-Growing-Your-Own-Vegetable-Garden

Choose a good location for agriculture garden gardening

Once you have established the layout, scan the surrounding landscape for a place to make sure it will fit in. For example, make note of sun and wind patterns.

Successful gardens need at least five hours of full sun, though eight hours would be ideal.


Do you have a lot of trees in your yard that will make this impossible .

Is your garden going to be placed near an ample and convenient water source .

Wind can both damage crops and dry them out.

Is there adequate protection such as a building, fence, or other structure nearby . If not, adjust your plans appropriately. Vegetable gardens need plenty of water to thrive as well.

Some of the important things to be good gardening

Organic fertilizers come in several types, such as microbial growth promoters. They’re made from things such as bat guano and fish meal. All packages show how much nitrogen, phosphorous and potash the product has. Beginners should consult a garden center that carries organic items for help in choosing the right fertilizer and when to use it.

Pests are far less of a problem in an organic vegetable garden than in a standard plot. If yours need help, however, you’ll want to purchase organic bug killers such as Orange Guard or Milky Spore for Japanese beetles.

Part of the container gardensContainer Gardening

If you lack a backyard, stick to containers. With the exception of some root crops and asparagus, most vegetables grow just fine in them. Tomatoes, green onions, peppers, beans, lettuce, and squash all fare particularly well.