29 Amazing Succulent Planting IdeasSucculents are so popular right now! One reason: even people with almost “black thumbs” can keep them alive. I personally love them and think they look so gorgeous all year round. Today, I am sharing 29 amazing succulent planting ideas with you from myself and some of my favorite bloggy friends! From planters to succulent care, you will find it all right here!

29 Amazing Succulent Planting Ideas

How to Care for Succulents – Mom 4 Real

02 - Domestic Superhero - DIY Succelent Garden

DIY Succulent Garden from Domestic Superhero

03 - A Night Owl - Succulent Valentine

Succulent Valentine Gift from A Night Owl Blog


Painted Mason Jar Succulent Planters from Mom 4 Real

04 - UnSkinny Bop - Succulent Wreath

Succulent Wreath from Unskinny Bop

05 - Mad in Crafts - Duck Tape Succelent Planter

Duct Tape Succulent Planter from Mad in Crafts

06 - Mom 4 Real - Succulent Valentine

Easy Succulent Valentine’s Day Gift from Mom 4 Real

07 - Simply Designing - Gold Tin Can Succulent

Gold Tin Can Succulent Planter from Simply Designing

08 - Drought Smart Plants - Succulent Sphere

Succulent Sphere from Drought Smart Plants

09 - Shaken Together - Felt Succulents

Felt Succulents from Shaken Together

10 - Mom 4 Real - Mason Jar Succulent

Mason Jar Succulent from Mom 4 Real

11 - Cherished Bliss - Candle Holder Succulent

Candle Holder Succulent Planter from Cherished Bliss

12 - Domestic Superhero - Succulent Picture

Stay Sharp Succulent Art from Delineate Your Dwelling for Domestic Superhero

13 - Drought Smart Plants - Succulent Wedding Bouquet

Succulent Wedding Bouquet from Drought Smart Plants

14 - Bigger Than the Three of Us - Modern Reindeer Succulent Ornament

Reindeer Succulent Ornament from Bigger Than the Three of Us

15 - Your Home Based Mom - Tea Cup Succulent

Tea Cup Succulent from Your Home Based Mom

16 - A Night Owl - Succulent Centerpiece

Succulent Centerpiece from A Night Owl Blog

17 - Mom 4 Real - Patriotic Mason Jar Succulents

Patriotic Mason Jar Succulents from Mom 4 Real

18 - Drought Smart Plants - Rustic Tin Can Succulents

Rustic Tin Can Succulent Planters from Drought Smart Plants

19 - Delineate Your Dwelling - Succulent Table

Succulent Table from Delineate Your Dwelling

20 - Tiny Sidekick - Painted Succulent Planter

Painted Succulent Planter from Tiny Sidekick

21 - White House Black Shutters - Color Blocked Succulent Pot

Color Blocked Succulent Planter from White House Black Shutters

22 - Drought Smart Plant - Panty Hose Succulent Wreath

Pantyhose Succulent Wreath from Drought Smart Plants

23 - Mod Podge Rocks - Gold Leaf Succulent Planters

Gold Leaf Succulent Planters from Mod Podge Rocks

24 - Mad in Crafts - Hanging Succulent Planters

Hanging Succulent Planters from Mad in Crafts

25 - Mom Endeavors - Patio Tabletop Succulent Garden

Patio Tabletop Succulent Garden from Mom Endeavors

26 - Rain on a Tin Roof - Succulent Book Planter

DIY Succulent Book Planter from Rain on a Tin Roof

27 - House of Hawthornes - Milk Glass Succulent Planter

Milk Glass Succulent Planter from House of Hawthornes

28 - A Night Owl - DIY Mercury Glass Succulent Planter

DIY Mercury Glass Succulent Planter from A Night Owl Blog

Aren’t these ideas amazing? Looks like I may need to grab a few more succulents!

There are some other plants that I have found myself slightly obsessed with lately too. They look a little like succulents, but they are called Air Plants. Check out the post below if you think they are cute too…p.s. they are so easy to grow too!

How To Grow And Care For Tillandsia or Air Plants