10 Creative DIY Bird Feeders



I love songbirds, and I have several feeders in my yard. But I get bored with the same old stuff you find at the box stores… I love the idea of making your own bird feeders because it’s an easy project even for beginners, and also because I think it makes the connection with nature stronger when you have had a hand in it. And since I love things that are just a little bit unique, here are our top picks for creative DIY bird feeders that any gardener can make for their feathered buds. Most of these have tutorials with great step by step instructions, and some of these would be fun to make as a family as well. Tip: when feeding the birds in your area, don’t just buy “wild bird seed” in a mixed package. Most of those mixes contain filler seeds that just get tossed out by many birds. Also, if you take the time to learn what birds visit your yard (or which ones you want to visit) and what they like to eat, not only is there less waste, but more enjoyment for everyone. We get lots of finches at our house, so I use both thistle (their favorite) and black oil sunflower seed. Sometimes, I mix them and sometimes use them alone. See what works best for you!

Our first project below, is from Hoosier Homemade. This DIY repurposed bird feeder is made of household items, and sure doesn’t look it. Read their instructions, complete with photos at their tutorial.



I really love this DIY bird feeder by Erins Creative. Made with just a plate, bowl and some hardware, its cute as well as functional! Great tutorial at the site, jump over and check it out!



From Tonya at Create Celebrate Explore, this DIY popsicle stick bird feeder is a great project to do with kids. Easy, fun, neat! Directions and photos on the tutorial.



Let The Art of Doing Stuff teach you how to make a bird feeder from glass shades. This project has a more modern vibe to it, and I really like how different they are from every other bird feeder. We’ve also seen these made using an embroidery hoop around the globe to hang from. This might have to go on our “to make” list!



From Plum Adorable, this tin can bird feeder is…well, adorable! So easy, you can do this with kids, or without and make it look funky, or subtle.



Recycle with this soda bottle bird feeder from Here Comes the Sun! A couple of wooden spoons for perches, and there ya go!



More bottles? This wine bottle bird feeder by The Chicken Street has a complete step by step for you. Not hard, and I love the repurposing!



From Two Llamas and a Whole Lotta Dramas Facebook page, they made this DIY bird feeder using a mason jar, an old chicken feeder and some copper tubing…



Purely inspirational, but with the same design, Life. By Design. found these amazing bird feeders at a market and shared. Epoxy glue and imagination! We like Gorilla Glue for these kind of projects.



We have featured projects from The Garden Roof Coop before, and this is why… theseDIY glass bottle bird feeders look store bought, but they have a great tutorial and you won’t believe how easy it is! Love these!


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